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Bates Clinic - Test preparations

Colonoscopy preparation

For colon cleansing you should buy 2 bags of 50 grams bitter salt
(Magnesium sulfate; Gorka sol) in the pharmacy.

TWO DAYS BEFORE CLEANSING do not eat meat. You can eat soups, polenta,
cooked vegetables.

Cleansing starts THE DAY BEFORE the appointment:

In the morning you should drink the first solution (dissolve 1 bag in a glass of water and than drink 1,5 liter of water) within half an hour.

Then continue with the clear-liquid diet: water, sweetened tea, clear juices, clear soups (chicken or beef broth), Donat water, Gatorade, Isosport...

After 2-3 hours, you should expect a few bowel movements.

Afternoon drink another bitter salt solution (dissolve 1 bag in a glass of water and than drink 1,5 liter of water) within half an hour.

The rest of the day you are on a clear-liquid diet as described.

During the preparation you need to move yourself a bit more and drink a lot of soups, teas and water to encourage better bowel movements.

ON THE DAY of appointment you are still on the clear- liquid diet!!!

Follow these instructions carefully because the bowel must be thoroughly cleared of all faeces for the test can be performed properly!

If the colonoscopy will be done in anesthesia: DO NOT drink 6 hours before the procedure!!

For your safety, no matter what form of transport you are using, someone must pick you up after the procedure!!! You may NOT operate a motor vehicle so come with a friend or relative!

If the colonoscopy will be done without anesthesia, you can have a light meal 2 hours before the appointment.


Do take your other medications (heart disease, high blood pressure, reflux, etc.) as usually prescribed with sips of water on the morning of colonoscopy.